Thermoforming Film
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Thermoforming Film

Thermoforming Film is a versatile packaging material composed of materials such as PE, PP, PA, EVOH, and more. This film is specifically designed for thermoforming applications and offers a range of benefits for various industries.

High Barrier and Functionality

Thermoforming Barrier Shrink Film stands out for its exceptional barrier properties. It provides a high barrier against oxygen and moisture, effectively preventing their ingress into the packaging. This feature contributes to extending the shelf life of products, ensuring their freshness and quality are preserved for longer durations. Additionally, Thermoforming Film offers strong functionality, allowing it to conform closely to the product's shape during the thermoforming process, resulting in a snug and secure packaging.

High Strength and Puncture Resistance

Thermoforming Film is known for its high strength and puncture resistance. This durability ensures that the packaging remains intact, protecting the product from external factors that could compromise its quality. The film's puncture resistance is especially crucial for products with sharp edges or potential impact during transportation and handling.

Widely Used in Various Industries

Thermoforming Film finds extensive application in industries that utilize directly forming technology. It is commonly used for packaging poultry, meat, seafood, and dairy products. The film's versatility and suitability for different product types make it a preferred choice across these industries. By utilizing Thermoforming Film, businesses can ensure the integrity of their products while maintaining their original unique flavors.

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