VSP Skin Film
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VSP Skin Film

VSP Skin Film packaging involves placing the product on a dedicated bottom plate, such as cardboard, bubble film, or a plastic sheet/tray. The Vacuum VSP Skin Film is then tightly attached to the surface of the product using a body film packaging machine, creating a vacuum-sealed package that is also sealed with the bottom plate. This packaging method provides both secure protection and showcases the natural form and appearance of the product.

Good Visual Display and Extended Shelf Life

Foods packaged using VSP Skin Shrink Film not only benefit from a visually appealing display, but they also enjoy an extended shelf life. The tight-fitting VSP Skin Film provides an attractive and professional presentation, enhancing the product's visual appeal to customers. Moreover, the packaging process creates a controlled environment around the product, reducing exposure to air and potential contaminants. This controlled environment helps to extend the shelf life of the packaged foods, preserving their freshness and quality for a longer duration.

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