Thermoforming Film
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Thermoforming Film

Product Description

Transparent Plastic Moisture Proof Food Grade Thermoforming Film

The thermoforming film is decided based on the food packaging requirement in terms of variations in widths, thickness, base material, and the sealing layer.The high barrier and puncture resistant quality helps the packaging reliable and useful.In addition, at freezing temperature thermo-forming films retain strength and hence they are found to be one of the best packaging films for refrigerating food items like red meat, cheese, etc.

meat and sea foods, fresh vegetables and fruits, dried foods chocolates, etc can be packed with different layers of co-extruder flexible barrier film. In addition, it works effectively with the concept of PA/EVOH based 9, 7, 5 layer thermoforming film for several industrial packaging purposes. It is a good option for storage purpose for both soft and hard food and non-food products.Types and applications of thermoforming films.

There are different types of thermoforming films manufactured such as

  • Thermoforming Flexible packaging films

  • PA/EVOH based 9,7, 5 layer thermoforming films

  • Rigid thermoforming films, etc

Product Advantage

Superior Formability

Special Sealant Designed For Various


Excellent Optical Properties

Optimal Performance For Different

Automatic Packing Machines

Technical Parameters

80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 210PE/PA/EVOH/PA/PEThermoforming cover film,bottom film,
sterilization at a temperature of 85 C for 30 min
80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 210PA/EVOH/PA/PEThermoforming cover film,bottom film,
sterilization at a temperature of 110 C for 30 min
90, 130PA/EVOH/PA/PPThermoforming cover film,bottom film,
sterilization at a temperature of 120℃ for 30 min
65PA/EVOH/PA/PEFresh meat package
  low temperature heat sealed



PA/EVOH/PE, EVOH as barrier Layer, PA surface

- EVOH based oxygen barrier property

- heat resistant pa layer, skin

- thickness range is 70~300 um

PA/PE, PA as barrier Layer

- PA barrier layer

- excellent puncture and abuse resistance

- thickness range is 70~300 um


- good forming property

- breathable film for packing fresh meat

- thickness range is 70-300 um

PA/PP, PP sealant

- high mechanical at strength and abuse resistance

- PP sealant for retort applications

- thickness range is 70~300 um.

Product Uses

Meat and sea foods, fresh vegetables and fruits, dried foods and chocolates, etc.


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