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PVC Cling Film

PVC Cling Film offered by JHG is a high-quality food-grade film that meets stringent standards. It is approved by the FDA and is free from harmful substances like BPA. This film is specifically designed for food packaging applications, where freshness and hygiene are crucial.

Characteristics of PVC Cling Film

1. High Transparency

PVC Cling Film boasts excellent clarity, allowing for clear visibility of the packaged food products. The high transparency enhances the visual appeal and presentation of the wrapped items, making them more enticing to customers.

2. Anti-Fog Properties

With its anti-fog characteristics, PVC Cling Film prevents condensation build-up on the film's surface. This feature ensures that the packaged food remains visible and attractive, even in refrigerated or humid environments.

3. Perfect Stickiness and Strong Toughness

The PVC Cling Film exhibits perfect stickiness, enabling it to tightly adhere to various food surfaces. It also possesses strong toughness, ensuring that the film remains intact during transportation and storage, providing reliable protection for the packaged items.

Benefits of PVC Cling Film for Food Packaging

PVC Cling Film offers several benefits for food packaging applications:

Food Freshness and Hydration: The cling film helps maintain the freshness and hydration of fruits, vegetables, and other perishable food items. It creates a protective barrier that locks in moisture and nutrients, preserving the quality of the food for an extended shelf life.

Barrier Against External Contaminants: PVC Cling Film acts as a barrier, preventing external bacteria and contaminants from entering the packaged food. This feature ensures food safety and reduces the risk of spoilage, contributing to the overall quality of the product.

Professional Mushroom Wrapping Film

In addition to our standard PVC Cling Film, we offer a professional formula specifically designed for wrapping mushrooms. This specialized film provides optimal conditions for mushroom preservation, ensuring freshness and extending their shelf life.

Thickness Options and Packaging

Our Food Packing Cling Film is available in thicknesses ranging from 9 to 17 microns. We offer both jumbo rolls and small rolls packaged in color boxes, providing flexibility to meet your specific packaging requirements.

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