Food Stretch Wrap Film
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Food Stretch Wrap Film

Our food stretch wrap film, include PVC cling film and PE cling film.

Application scenario:

Our food wrap film is widely used in the field of food packaging and fresh -keeping. Whether it is used to maintain the freshness of food, extend the lifespan of food, or safe packaging in food distribution and transportation, our products can provide excellent performance and reliable protection.

Product Features:

Efficient preservation: Our food preservation and stretching film has excellent ductility and adhesion, can be tightly wrapped in food, and effectively prevent the invasion of food by oxygen, moisture and odor, thereby maintaining the freshness and taste of food.

Strong and durable: Food preservation and extension made from high -quality materials has excellent strength and abrasion resistance, which can resist tear and damage, and ensure the integrity and safety of food packaging.

Environmental protection and sustainable: Our products meet environmental standards and are made of recyclable materials to be friendly to environmental. At the same time, our packaging film can also be degraded to reduce the impact on the environment.

Simple and easy to use: Our food stretch wrap film has excellent ductility and shrinkability, easy to use and operate.

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