PCR Shrink Film
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PCR Shrink Film

PCR Shrink Film is a Polyolefin Heat Shrink Film that offers excellent packaging solutions. This particular variant utilizes a significant amount of PCR recycled material (post-consumer recycled material), with PCR material accounting for 30% of the film composition. The PCR Shrink Film has successfully obtained GRS 4.0 certification, ensuring its compliance with global recycling standards.

Sustainable Production Process

The production process of PCR Shrink Film is similar to that of Standard POF Shrink Film. However, the use of PCR material significantly contributes to reducing the environmental impact. By incorporating a large amount of PCR recycled material, this film promotes the circular economy and reduces the consumption of new resources.

Characteristics and Applications

The PCR Shrink Film shares similar characteristics and application fields with Standard POF Heat Shrink Film. It possesses good mechanical properties, including strength and durability. The film exhibits excellent heat sealing properties and a high shrinkage rate, ensuring a tight and secure packaging for various products. Additionally, it demonstrates adaptability to a wide range of packaging machines, making it suitable for diverse packaging needs.

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