Automatic L- Bar Sealer
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Automatic L- Bar Sealer

Our Automatic L-Bar Sealers come in three models: LB-726, LB-728, and LB-729. These machines are designed to provide efficient shrink wrapping solutions for various industries, including stationery, food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and metal industries. They are particularly suitable for industries that require large quantity shrink wrapping.

Imported PLC Control for Ease of Operation

The Automatic L-Bar Sealers are equipped with imported PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) automatic program control, ensuring precise and reliable operation. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to operate the machine, while the safety protection and alarm function enhance operator safety. These features effectively prevent incorrect packaging and ensure consistent and high-quality results.

Enhanced Detection and Selection Features

Our L-Bar Sealers are equipped with imported horizontal and vertical detection photoelectric systems, allowing for easy switching and selection. These detection systems ensure accurate positioning and precise sealing, resulting in neat and professional-looking packages. The machines are designed to accommodate various product sizes and shapes, providing flexibility for different packaging needs.

Seamless Integration with Production Lines

The Automatic L-Bar Sealers can be seamlessly connected with your existing production line, streamlining your packaging process. By integrating the sealing machine into your production line, you can achieve higher efficiency and productivity. This enables a smooth and continuous workflow, helping you meet the demands of your business.

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