Printing Shrink Film
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Printing Shrink Film

Printing Shrink Film offers outstanding shrinkage properties, ensuring a tight and secure fit around your products. With various thickness options available, including 10mic, 12.5mic, 15mic, 19mic, 25mic, and 30mic, you can choose the right film for your specific packaging requirements.

Types of Printing Shrink Film

1. Center-fold (CF) Films

Center-fold (CF) films are designed with a fold in the center, providing a convenient and efficient packaging solution. These films are suitable for a wide range of products and offer excellent clarity and shrinkage properties.

2. Single Wound (SW) Films

Single wound (SW) films are wound on a single roll, making them ideal for high-speed automatic packaging machines. They offer consistent performance and reliable shrinkage, ensuring a secure packaging solution.

3. Pre-perforated Films

Pre-perforated films feature evenly spaced perforations, allowing for easy tear-off sections. These films are suitable for applications where individual packaging units are required, providing convenience and efficiency.

4. Micro-perforated Films

Micro-perforated films are designed with tiny perforations that allow for the release of air during the shrinking process. These films are particularly suitable for packaging applications that require breathability or ventilation.

5. Printing on Film

Printing on Film offers the opportunity to customize your packaging with branding, product information, or attractive designs. This option allows you to create a unique and visually appealing packaging solution that enhances your product's presentation.

6. POF Shrink Bags

POF shrink bags provide a versatile packaging option for irregularly shaped products. These bags offer excellent clarity, shrinkage properties, and durability, ensuring a secure and professional finish.

Advantages of Printing Shrink Film

Printing Shrink Film offers several advantages for product packaging:

Secure and Tight Fit: The exceptional shrinkage properties of Printing Shrink Film ensure a tight and secure wrap around your products, providing protection during transit and storage.

Professional Presentation: With Printing Shrink Film, you can present your products in an appealing and visually pleasing manner. The clarity of the film allows your product to be visible while maintaining its attractiveness.

Customization Options: Printing on Film allows you to customize your packaging with branding elements, product details, or eye-catching designs, enhancing your product's visibility and recognition.

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