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 Case-Build sausage casing production workshop for customer factory

Sausage casing production line, we have a professional term, professional engineers, marketing and sales personnel, technicians with rich production experience, can provide customers with one-stop service.
At the beginning of 2022, we received an inquiry for this production line from North Africa. With the deepening of communication, we realized that this is a real customer, but the lack of production experience. The customer has no production experience at all, but give us full trust, which is a lot of pressure on us. We designed the production line according to the original plant structure, reformed public facilities such as water and electricity, provided production formula and operating conditions according to the application of casing in the local market, selected raw materials, configured laboratory testing instruments, sent engineers and technicians to provide on-site installation guidance and training, and took charge of the early production and operation until local workers were skilled in operation. This project can be called a turnkey project, and it is also the first casings production line in the North African market.
The delivery of this production line has also brought us greater business opportunities. At present, another customer from North African is negotiating and entering the contract stage.

 Solution for client

Customers in Texas, USA, need to find packaging films for their takeaway food. We actively solve problems for customers. In order to fit the trays, we ask them to send samples to test the structure, and test the optimal heating temperature for many times. Finally, after multiple tests and discussion, successfully find the best solution of skin film for the customer and reach a cooperation.

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