Meat Packaging Shrink Film & Bag
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Meat Packaging Shrink Film & Bag

Meat Packaging Shrink Film and Bag are designed to visually and realistically display your meat products, making them more attractive on the shelf. The shrink film and bag are particularly suitable for irregularly shaped products like ham, lamb chops, and more.

Improved Thickness, Water Resistance, and Puncture Resistance

Meat Packaging Shrink Film undergoes heat shrinkage during the packaging process, resulting in increased thickness. This shrinkage improves the film's water resistance and puncture resistance, providing enhanced protection for the meat products. The thicker film acts as a barrier, blocking contact with air and inhibiting product oxidation, as well as the growth of bacteria or mold. These features significantly improve the shelf life of meat products, ensuring their freshness and quality.

Visual Appeal and Realistic Display

The Meat Packaging Shrink Film and Bag create an appealing visual presentation for your meat products. With the shrink film tightly conforming to the shape of the product, the package showcases the meat's natural appearance, texture, and color. This realistic display enhances the product's visual appeal and captures the attention of customers, increasing the likelihood of purchase.

Printing and Bag Service

We offer printing services for Meat Packaging Shrink Film and Bag. This allows you to add customized branding, logos, nutritional information, or other product details directly on the packaging. The ability to incorporate printed elements enhances the overall visual impact of the package and promotes brand recognition.

Additionally, we provide bag service, ensuring that the Meat Packaging Shrink Film is converted into convenient, ready-to-use bags. This bagging service saves time and effort during the packaging process, streamlining your operations.

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