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Sausage Casing

Plastic Polyamide Sausage Casing Film, processed using multi-layer co-extrusion technology, is specifically designed for sausage packaging. This film exhibits excellent resistance to oxygen and humidity, ensuring the quality and freshness of the packaged sausages.

Excellent Resistance to Oxygen and Humidity

The Sausage Casing Film is engineered to provide outstanding oxygen and humidity resistance. By creating a protective barrier, the film helps prevent the penetration of oxygen and moisture, preserving the flavor, texture, and appearance of the sausages over an extended period.

High Quality with Competitive Price

Our Sausage Casing Film is manufactured to meet rigorous standards, ensuring reliable performance and superior product protection. Despite its high quality, we offer competitive pricing, making it a cost-effective solution for your sausage packaging needs.

Printing and Shirring Service Available

We provide printing services for Sausage Casing Film, allowing you to add customized branding, logos, or product information directly on the casing. This feature enhances the visual appeal of your packaged sausages, promoting brand recognition and attracting customers.

Additionally, we offer shirring service for the casing, which provides convenience and efficiency in the sausage production process. The shirred casings are neatly compressed and wound, allowing for easy loading onto sausage stuffing equipment, saving time and labor.

Customizable Calibers and Colors

We offer customization options for calibers and colors of the Sausage Casing Film. This flexibility allows you to tailor the casing to your specific sausage requirements.

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