PE Cling Film
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PE Cling Film

PE Cling Film offered by JHG is a high-quality food-grade packaging film designed to ensure the freshness and hygiene of food products. This versatile film is commonly used to seal food containers for long-lasting freshness or directly wrap vegetables, fruits, meats, and more.

Stickiness and Strength of PE Cling Film

PE Cling Film stands out for its exceptional stickiness and strength, providing reliable sealing and protection for various food items. The film's super stickiness promotes a tight seal, preventing air and moisture from entering the packaging, thereby preserving the quality and flavor of the food.

Customizable Length, Width, and Thickness

We offer customization options for the length, width, and thickness of PE Cling Film. This flexibility allows you to tailor the film to your specific needs, ensuring an optimal packaging solution for your products.

Printing Options Available

We provide printing services for PE Cling Film, allowing you to add customized branding, logos, or product information on the film. This feature enhances the visibility and marketability of your packaged food items, making them more appealing to customers.

Packaging Options: Jumbo Roll and Small Roll with Color Box

We offer PE Cling Film in both jumbo rolls and small rolls packaged in color boxes. The jumbo rolls are suitable for high-volume packaging operations, while the small rolls with color boxes are ideal for retail and individual use. This diverse packaging selection caters to different business requirements and ensures convenience in handling and storage.

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