Custom Multi-Colored Coextruded Shirred Plastic Sausage Casings
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Custom Multi-Colored Coextruded Shirred Plastic Sausage Casings

Processing: Sausage
Type: Polyamide
Product Description

Multi-Colored Coextruded Shirred Plastic Sausage Casings are generally made from polymers such as polyamide, polypropylene or polyethylene. Polyamide(Nylon) plastic casing are the most commonly used in production of cooked sausages and hams such as luncheon meat and bologna.Polyamide casing come in two main varieties: Oriented and non-oriented. The oriented polyamide are shrinkable casings and will shrink during the cooking process thereby reducing the water loss. Non-oriented polyamide casings remain the same diameter during the cooking process and thereby allow for expansion of the meat during the cooking.

Products Name Shirred sausage casing
Structure Monolayer, 3layers or Five layers
thickness 50UM or customized
Caliber 20 - 150mm
shrinkage 8-20% customized
color Red, Brown, White, Yellow, Black, blue, Transparent....
printing Available

plastic sausage casing

Product Advantages

1.Monolayer and multilayer plastic casings

2.Available in a wide range of colors and calibers

3.Exceptional dimension stability

4.High barrier properties

5.excellent thermo-shrinking properties, avoids wrinkles after cooling

6.Meat adhesion to meet customer specifications

7.Shirred in ready to use sticks


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