Plastic Casing Production Machine
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Plastic Casing Production Machine

Product Description

Multi layer co extruded nylon casing film production line.Can manufacture casings of different diameters, with a variety of colors to choose from.

Product Advantage

1. It consists of multiple control systems. Extrusion system, co extrusion mold, blowing system, shaping system, rotary traction, winding system, control system.

2. Vacuum automatic feeding machine can be selected, and the raw material ratio only needs to input parameters, and the raw material control system can automatically mix.

3. The design of the extruder mold is processed according to the proportion of the structure of each layer of the product, and the scientific proportion is uniform.

4. The extrusion die head is equipped with a water cooling device

5. The shaping system consists of multiple traction clamping rollers, which can make the thickness and width of the film uniform.

6. The winding system is equipped with a cantilever type dual station automatic roll changing and winding system, which accurately cuts and ensures the flatness of the rolled surface.

Technical Parameters

ModelCasing Production Line
Available thickness35micron- 80micron
Production Speed50 m/ min
PowerVoltage: 3 ×400 V, 50 Hz.N & PE wire, allowable fluctuation: -5% to +10%
Ambient temperature:15°C - 35 °C
Vacuum sizing304# stainless steel
Sizing systemCooling air ring
Control systemSIMENS PLC , Screen
Schneider low-voltage electrical devices
Cooling waterPressure: 2 - 4 kg/cm2 , allowable fluctuation: +/- 0.2 kg/cm2
Temperature: 15°C - 18 °C
Hardness: 3-6mmol/L.
Soft waterPressure: 2 - 4 kg/cm2, allowable fluctuation: +/- 0.2 kg/cm2
Temperature: 15°C - 18 °C
Hardness: <3mmol/L
Environmental ConditionsWorkshop should be dry, dust-free, and draught-free as possible. Enough space for operation and maintain of line
Permissible ambient temperature: 3°C-35°C.

Product Uses

Can be used to produce various caliber of sausage casing.

Product Operate Guide

After the user purchases the equipment, we will provide production training.


Q: What's your delivery time?

A: 5 months.

Q: What's your payment term?

A: We accept T/TL/CWestern UnionPaypaland Cash.

Q: How can we know whether the quality is good or not?

A: We can arrange the test and our certificates.


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