Manufacturer Best Price 9-20Mic PVC Plastic Wrap Cling Film
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Manufacturer Best Price 9-20Mic PVC Plastic Wrap Cling Film

Suitable place:homes/hotel/farm/supermarket/etc.
Applications:Locks in freshness of food,vegetable,fruit,etc.
Product Description

Food Preservation PVC Plastic Wrap Cling Film Roll for Vegetable/Fruit Packaging

The beat price of Our Manufacturer 9-20Mic PVC Plastic Wrap Cling Film to meet your diverse needs.

Efficiently store a variety of vegetables and meat with our PVC Plastic Wrap Film, which effectively prevents food from undergoing unwanted changes. With its remarkable adhesion strength, this cling wrap film ensures a durable preservation, keeping your food fresh for longer periods.

Take the convenience of our cling film wherever you go! Whether you're planning a picnic or embarking on a travel adventure, our portable cling wrap film roll is the perfect companion. It eliminates the need for cumbersome covers and can even be used to securely wrap tableware, ensuring a clean and hygienic dining experience.

PVC cling wrap film

Your safety is our top priority. Our PVC cling film is made from transparent material that does not contain any harmful substances,Meets the requirement of FDA and SGS, providing you with peace of mind. Rest assured that our cling film will keep your food safe and protected, while maintaining its freshness and quality.


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