Perforated Customized Food Grade PVC Transparent Stretch Film
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Perforated Customized Food Grade PVC Transparent Stretch Film

Type:Stretch Film
Feature:Moisture Proof
Product Description

Customized Food Grade Transparent Perforated PVC Stretch Wrap Film

Perforated customized food grade PVC transparent stretch film is a technology that forms micropores. It can create irregular small holes on the cling film through laser, allowing fruits and vegetables to breathe inside the packaging, achieving preservation effects.

PVC cling film

Product Features

The main advantages of Perforated stretch cling film for vegetable and fruit packaging

  • 1. Small pore size to prevent contamination by bacteria and foreign objects.

  • 2. The trapezoidal design of the inlet and outlet forms airflow channels, enhances the air flow inside the packaging, and slows down the aging and spoilage of fruits and vegetables.

  • 3. Good breathability, reducing fog generated by packaging, making it easy for consumers to observe.


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