Factory Selling Polyolefin Plastic Heat Shrink Seal Wrap Bag
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Factory Selling Polyolefin Plastic Heat Shrink Seal Wrap Bag

Feature:Moisture Proof
Product Description

The Polyolefin Plastic Heat Shrink Seal Wrap Bag is one of the best shrinkable plastics for packaging due to the speed of shrinkage it has and its transparency and brightness. In addition, this polyolefin heat shrink bag has great resistance to breakage, impacts or tears and is a suitable and certified product for use in food packaging.

It doesn't give off a strong odor, is not hazardous or toxic when sealing. This makes it the most popular choice when shrink wrapping food, as well as a wide variety of retail products such as jewel case, electric products,medicines and food etc. The elasticity of polyolefin shrink wrap film makes it perfect for packaging a collection or multitude of products together.



12.5mic, 15mic, 19mic, 25mic


5 inch to 80 inch


Center-fold (CF), Single wound (SW), POF shrink bags, Pre-perforated, Micro-perforated



POF shrink film

Product Features
  • Good flexibility and easy to use.

  • Large shrinkage rate which can reach to 75%.

  • Good welding performance,high strength,suitable for manual,semi-automatic and high-speed automatic packaging.

  • Good cold resistance, suitable for storing and transporting packaged objects in cold environments.

  • Food grade which can be packaged with food.

  • Moisture and dust proof.

  • Low packaging cost.


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