Barrier Shrink Film Production Line
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Barrier Shrink Film Production Line

Product Description

The line applies to process LDPE, LLDPE, EVA, EAA, EMA, Ionomer MPE, Nylon, EVOH and etc. It is used in production of biaxially orientation co-extruding barrier shrink film, special in production of casing, shrink bag. The line adopts three bubble process to produce shrink film with high strength, good transparent, strong barrier properties. The film can be used for packaging processed meat, fresh meat, poultry,  seafood and cheese. We make special design and manufacture to satisfy specific requirements of different clients.

Main technical indexes

Product layers


Heating method

Far infrared ceramic

Heater, water bath

Flat width (mm)


Rotate method


Thickness (um)


Controlling method

Centralized control,

Computer program

Max linear speed( m/min)


Installed capacity


Calibration method


Line size (mm)


Multi-layer Biaxially Orientation Shrink Film Production Line absorbs foreign advanced technology, combined with domestic characteristics. Our clients produce high quality film with our line and sale to all over the world including South America, Europe, Australia, southeast Asia, etc.


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