Anti Fog Transparent PVC Plastic Food Wrap Stretch Cling Film Roll
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Anti Fog Transparent PVC Plastic Food Wrap Stretch Cling Film Roll

Usage: Supermarket, Home, Agriculture
Material: PVC
Packaging Type: Box
Product Description

jumbo cling film roll

The Anti-fog Transparent PVC Plastic Food Wrap Stretch Cling Film Roll is a practical and convenient packaging material widely used in daily life. This cling film roll is made of high-quality PVC plastic, which is transparent and allows clear visibility of the contents. The anti-fog feature ensures that the film remains clear even in humid or cold environments, preventing condensation and maintaining a clear view of the wrapped items.

The stretchable nature of this cling film allows it to be easily wrapped around food or other items, providing a secure and tight seal. This helps to preserve the freshness and moisture of food, extending its shelf life. The cling wrap film also adheres well to surfaces, making it suitable for use in refrigerators or on counters.

Product Features
  • High transparency: Allows clear visibility of contents.

  • Strong tensile strength: Ensures durability and resilience, making it suitable for wrapping fruits, vegetables, and meat, etc.

  • Keeps food fresh: Effectively preserves food quality and extends its shelf life.

  • Strong seals & a wide sealing range: Provides robust closures and covers a variety of sizes, making it versatile for different packaging needs.

  • Easy to cut: Can customizable color box with cutter or cling film jumbo roll to fit specific packaging requirements.

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