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The present situation and development trend of POF shrink film

Posted: 2019-07-18 12:00
  • What is POF shrink film?

POF shrink film (Polyolefin oriented film), some people also called BOPE shrinkable film (bi - oriented polyethylene film), it through the method of double bubble Polyolefin two-way stretch then get a shrink film. Compared with the traditional polyethylene blown film shrinkage film, POF shrinkage film has excellent mechanical properties, good transparency and even contraction in both directions. Generally, POF shrink films are divided into two categories, ordinary POF and cross-linked POF. Ordinary POF film is the mainstream product in the market. Most of them are three-layer co-extrusion structure, the two surface layers are polypropylene, and the core layer is linear low-density polyethylene. Compared with the traditional PP shrink film and PVC shrink film, its membrane body is soft, and tear strength, puncture strength, low temperature resistance and other characteristics are better.Therefore, it largely replaces the PP shrink film and PVC shrink film market. The crosslinked POF membrane is a further upgrade of the common POF membrane. The PP/PE/PP co-extrusion structure is different from that of ordinary POF film. The crosslinked POF is a pure PE structure.After crosslinking, its physical properties and heat sealing strength are greatly improved compared with ordinary POF film, and its adaptability to packaging machine is better.

  • POF shrink film - Main Application

Cluster packaging of drinks: 

High shrinkage, high strength and high shrinkage force are required.

Packaging of toys, medicine:

Good optical properties are required to improve shelf attractiveness.

Packaging of books, periodicals and magazines: 

High transparency and low shrinkage force are required to prevent books and periodicals from rolling out of shape.

Food packaging:

High gloss, Some also require low temperature shrinkage to facilitate rapid packaging or affect content.

Packaging of plastic appliances:

In addition to high transparency and high shrinkage, it also requires low temperature shrinkage to prevent plastic deformation.

  • The development trend of POF shrink film

In recent years, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the environmental requirements for packaging materials are also increasing. The concept of sustainable packaging is gaining popularity. POF shrink packaging is also affected by this, and pays more attention to reducing environmental impact, improving packaging efficiency and reducing energy consumption. Therefore, the development trend of POF shrink film mainly focuses on the following aspects:

Thinning: further thinning on the basis of ordinary POF shrink film to reduce the weight of POF shrink film used in unit packaging, thus reducing the use of sinopec products (polyethylene and polypropylene) in packaging.

Thickening: production of thicker POF shrink film to replace part of the traditional blow molding shrink film market. Compared with traditional blown shrinkage film, this POF shrinkage film has thinner thickness, better strength and transparency, and can also reduce the use of petrochemical products.

Low temperature shrinkage: reduce shrinkage temperature, can improve the packaging speed. More importantly, the energy consumption during heating and shrinkage can be reduced, and the energy consumption during POF shrinkage film production can also be reduced to a certain extent.

In view of the above development trend, the production process, raw materials and film structure of POF shrinkage film need to be adjusted accordingly.Only through in-depth cooperation between raw material suppliers and film manufacturers can new products and applications adapt to market demands be launched continuously.