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The kinds and application of Higher-performance barrier film

Posted: 2019-08-12 16:51

From years of 1980,there are many engineers from scientific research entity,university and enterprise devoting to the R&D project of high-performance berrier materials in Beijing,Shanghai,Chengdu,Nanjing etc..

Established in 2004,NANJING JINHUIGU INDUSTRIAL TRADE CO.,LTD has been in this field for more than 15 years,and put many multi-funtional high barrier films and bags into the market successfully based on its independent R&D efforts after conquering countless setbacks and technical problems. 

Generally speaking,high-performance insulation films are applied as the foodstuffs and medicine package materials mostly.Because the ordinary packing materials are just limited to protect the commodity,easy to transportation/storage/purchase or decoration&promotion functions,it can not resolve the substantial problems like stop the exchange of oxygen,water vapour,air etc.from both sides. However,the package&wrapper’s inside and outside exchange of substances is the culprit that cause the foodstuffs and medicine to decay or lost the function completely. So we summarize the low barrier materials defects as below:

1,fail to insulate the oxygen,which is the precondition for bacteria’s reproduction.Furthermore,the oxidative deterioration of grease in the food is also connected with the oxygen.

2,fail to stop the water vapour,which facilitate the bacteria’s propagation and affect the content with damp.

3,fail to prevent the original delicacy being tainted by other odor.

4,the Alkaloids,Vitamin B1/B2/C parts of the drugs tend to change color and effective contents decrease.

Hence,For the healthy and life of human being,packaging material with superior barrier propery must be applied in the foodstuffs and medicine fields.

At present, We just introduce briefly some kinds of the high quality barrier shrink film/bag and stretch film/bag.

1,PA(polyamide or nylon),

It has many merits like good gas barrier ability,good mechanical ability(puncture 

resistance),wear-resistant,easy to process,insensitivity to tepemrature to name a few.So it is widely used in frozen food package,cooking food package.Also,it has disadvantages like inferior heat sealability,low water vapour blocking ability,strong water absorbtion ability. So the polyamide can’t be set as outer layer.


This kind of high barrier film advantages include high tensile ability,high heat 

sealability,resistance to impact and good tearing resistance.So now it is highly applied in the medicine,beverage,dairy industrial etc.

3,PVDC coating film(polyvinylidene chloride)

The PVDC high barrier film’s virues are high oxygen&water vapour barrier property,heat 

sealability coating surface and low cost.So we often find the PVDC-related film packages in meat product,fish,rice snack,biscuit,jam series product and medicine package etc. But it also has weakness like exclusive equipment for coating,can’t be recycled,generate toxic gas like hydrogen chloride and TCDD.So it is not eco-friendly product,and has been prohibited in some european country.

4,EVOH(ethlylene vinyl alcohol copolymer) multiple layer co-extrusion film

This kind of complex film,being composed of 5,7,9,11,layers,combine individual layer’s advantage together.It can substitute for traditional glass and metal utensils,and also is the upgrade version of PVC material. Owing to its high barrier and oil proof ability,organic solvent proof and eco-friendly property,it has been widely applied in food industry such as seasoning bag,tomato sauce bag,processed fruits;non-food application include solvent,chemicals and medicine related goods package. What’s more,the manufacturers of moto vehicle fuel tank,fuel pipeline and air conditioners are evaluating the possibility of employing EVOH structure to reduce the hydrocarbon and freon emission.

       When the humidity exceed 50%,its barrier property decline sharply. Therefore,it is precondition to be blended with other substance. 

5,POF(polyolefin)heat shrink film

       The last but not the least one is POF film. Based on its many characteristics of anti-fog ultra-clear,high resilience,high shrinkage rate,eco-friendly and low cost etc.We use it to pack the instant noodle,yoghurt and so on.

Our company’s product lines are far more than them. We have been adhereing to “Integrity,Sincerity,Cooperation and Win-win”concept. 

We always stand with our clients to conquer anything,anywhere,anytime.

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