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Great Choice for Millions of Families

Posted: 2019-08-22 13:50

Stretch film is widely used in our daily life and is one of the indispensable tools. Stretch film has the functions of simple operation, strong bearing& good sealing quality and waterproofness, etc. It is the most commonly used packaging material in family life, supermarkets, hotels and industrial food packaging.

Since Stretch film needs to be in direct contact with food products, we should pay more attention to its classification and precautions.

Stretch film is usually made of ethylene as the base material through polymerization reaction. It is generally divided into PE, PVC and PVDC according to the materials used and plasticizer added, which is mainly used for microwave oven food heating, refrigerator food preservation, fresh food and cooked food packaging. 

Take PVC Stretch film for example, although it is economical, convenient to use and widely applicable, it also has some effects on human health due to the inappropriate addition of plasticizer like DEHA in the production process. PVC Stretch film should not be used under heating or in direct contact with fatty food. However, if used for fresh fruits and vegetables preservation, there is no problem.

However, we always stick to quality and safety. We use DOA plasticizer that are officially allowed to be added, which is avoided by many suppliers in order to save costs. And we strictly control the added amount of plasticizer with continuous research, committed to promote the environmental and degradable PVC Stretch film.   

Our company's unique advantages of PVC Stretch film:

High tensile strength: Our PVC Stretch film has strong tensile ability than other normal plastic films. 

High transparency and anti-fog quality: Our PVC Stretch film has strong fog-repellent and breaks the water drops to maintain good clarity.

Food grade: Our PVC Stretch film has been confirmed by SGS, FDA and other national and international security certification.

Application: Our PVC Stretch film is suitable for both hand and machine wrapping.

Customization: OEM and customized service are available. Products could be customized as your requirements.

Daily necessities are closely related to our health. For the health of us and our families, get rid of substandard plastic film in your home from now on, it will be absolutely right to choose our PVC Stretch film